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Welcome to Compass Fitness!

We are the first and only ‘Wholistic’ Fitness & Wellness company in Kingston, helping you take back control of your health and your life. We specialize in helping you transform your life using a ‘wholistic’ approach that empowers you with the knowledge, tools and coaching to get back in to the drivers seat of your own life.

Our studio itself is small, quiet and inviting while having a fun, friendly and positive atmosphere that makes even the shyest gym-goer feel comfortable and at ease. We take pride in being warm, welcoming and making fitness a fun and enjoyable part of your life.

Our programs and classes include not only a workout but also nutrition and wellness coaching, homework for when your not with your trainer, Thai Yoga Massage and meditation. But the best part? Our studio if full of supportive, welcoming and fun loving people, both trainers and clients, who share their successes and struggles with each other, encourage each other to keep working towards their goals and push each other just that little bit harder than you think you can go. Through encouragement and focusing on progress towards your goals we can help you change your life! Come out and try out our new take on Kingston Personal Training for yourself!